Transnational closing conference in Greece


It is time to say goodbye to Endemic Occupations’ project.

Partners from Chech Republic, Greece, Turkey and Poland met for the last time in the bubbly city of Thessaloniki to sum up the project, admire the ceramics created by the Greek trainees and gather the final batch of the project’ materials and information. As we grew to know each other we are really sad to part with our wonderful partners, but we hope to cross paths with them again in different projects and innitiatives.

Here are the farewell pictures from Thessaloniki:

IMG_20150617_155049287 IMG_20150617_155056169 IMG_20150619_105919189 IMG_20150618_134821220 IMG_20150617_173837304 IMG_20150616_205054425




Practical lesson in boat repairing in Poland


May is a perfect time to prepare small boats for their summer season on the water. Polish team went to a practical workshop session on boat repairing in Dzwirzyno. Here are some photos and a playlist from this event:

IMG_20150522_102149 IMG_20150522_102417 IMG_20150522_102430 IMG_20150522_100452

Wonderful gift from Turkish Partners


During the transnational partners’ meeting in germany partners of the project were surprised by the Turkish partners. Each partner received his own carpet with the name of the partnering institution, personally crafted by the teachers and students from the Turkish vocational school.

Here are the pictures of those wonderful presents. Thank You, Turkish Team!

DSC09697 DSC09684 DSC09687 DSC09692 DSC09693 DSC09695 DSC09696

Transnational meeting in Germany



Just right after Easter partners of the Endemic Occupations project met in Bochum (Germany) for the transnational partners’ meeting and joint workshops within neon making. Eager participants were able to test their skills in glass molding and shaping. During the working sessions, steering committee of the project evaluated the progress of the project, agreed on the agenda for the final conference and set up the check list for the qualitative finalisation of the project.

Here are some pictures from the workshops on glass molding:

_IGP5275 _IGP5277 _IGP5278 _IGP5281

_IGP5282  _IGP5286 _IGP5287

_IGP5301 _IGP5299


Transnational meeting in Turkey



In November 2014 the transnational meeting in Turkey was held in Adana. Partners from Germany, Greece, Czech Republic and Turkey evaluated the progress of the project, visited carpet making workshops and attended practical training in carpet weaving. They also set up deates for the next transnational partners’ meeting in Germany and collected  photos and materials created by the partners within the project.

Here are the pictures from the study visit in carpet makers’ workshop:

SAM_0388  SAM_0385 SAM_0383 SAM_0376 SAM_0374 SAM_0371 SAM_0370 SAM_0369 SAM_0367 SAM_0364 SAM_0363 SAM_0362 SAM_0361 SAM_0360 SAM_0359 SAM_0390 SAM_0389


Pictures from the steering committee metings:IMG_3160 IMG_3161 IMG_3166 IMG_3171